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My Work

Making music
in every way I can.

Hello, I’m David, and I am a musician. That means I make music in every way I can, and that I keep finding new ways to do so. It all started in the Netherlands, when when I began taking classical piano lessons with Peter Caelen.

The discovery of a whole new world of classical music was staggering to a ten-year-old, and from that moment, I never stopped discovering. In the eight years that followed, I performed on stages in the Netherlands and Belgium, and after that, I moved to Germany to continue my studies. I started my bachelor’s in Saarbrücken with Thomas Duis, finished it in Dresden with Detlef Kaiser.

During my studies I began to learn that there is more to being a musician than just reproducing pieces of music on a piano. I learned about the creative processes involved, and that inspiration could come from the most unexpected places, like jazz or foreign traditional music, and I had to look for more ways to express my ideas.

I started composing my own pieces, and was mentored by Ute Pruggmayer-Philipp in the art of  improvisation. Taking lessons in chamber music from Tatevik Mokatsian, I became acquainted with other instruments, performing live on Deutschland Radio Kultur with Mahler’s piano quartet. And although I stayed true to the piano, I even tried my hand on various other instruments, playing accordion in my free time and taking harpsichord classes in Saarbrücken.

Now, I have started my master’s degree in Lübeck with Florian Uhlig, and I am looking forward to this new experience, but mostly, I am thrilled to show you what I’ve got.
Master with
prof. Florian Uhlig
At the Musikhochschule Lübeck, Germany
Finished bachelor
with prof. Detlef Kaise
At the Hochschule für Musik Carl Maria von
Weber Dresden, Germany
Live radio broadcast
On Deutschland Radio Kultur with Mahler’s piano quartet
Masterclass with
Konrad Elser
At the Oberstdorfer Musiksommer. The same year
I won a prize at the Gieseking competition in Saarbrücken.

First full recital
At Peter Caelen Concerts, with Bach, Prokofiev and Brahms.
Bachelor with prof. Thomas Duis
at the Hochschule für Musik Saar, Germany
Rhapsody in Blue
in the Theater aan het Vrijthof in Maastricht, with Harmonie St. Petrus en Paulus Paulus under direction of Matty Cilissen. I won prizes at the regional finale of the Prinses Christina Concours in Maastricht, as well as the Belfius Classics competition in Brussels.
Mozart´s piano concerto No. 23
with the Limburgs Orkest Jeugd en Muziek under direction of Dirk de Caluwe, playing Mozart's piano concerto No. 23
Concert with Aristos Quartet
with Haydn's piano concerto Hob. XVIII/11, arranged for piano and string quartet.
My Work

I am thrilled to show you
what I’ve got.

This is a collection of recordings and compositions I have created over the past years

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