On an overgrown path


Five movements from the cycle "On an overgrown path" by the 19th/20th century Czech composer Leoš Janáček.

I played this in a concert in the Musik- und Kongresshalle (music and congress hall) in Lübeck, Germany, on the 26th of June 2020.

The movements played here are:

1. Our evenings

2. A blown-away leaf

5. They chattered like swallows

4. The Madonna of Frydek

10. The barn owl has not flown away

Due to the limited time I could not play the whole cycle, and I decided to play this selection in an altered order, because I felt that the 5th movement would make for a good intermezzo of sorts, before the heavier 4th and 10th movements. The beautiful portrait of the composer was made by my father, Patrick Voncken, who is a big fan of Janáček's music. I think it fits very well with the dreamy, colourful sound. The recording was made by the radio channel Offener Kanal Lübeck.

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