Brahms Balladen Op. 10


An early piece by my favourite composer: Johannes Brahms

This was one of the first pieces through which I got to know Brahms, right at the beginning of my studies in Germany. Though written at age 21, to me it already shows the great maturity and emotional depth the composer is known for.

This recording was made on november 1st, 2020, at Piano's Maene in Rekem, Belgium, as a digital concert in lieu of the concert in the Erasmus Huis in Jakarta that Peter Caelen and I had planned, which was cancelled due to the pandemic.

Sound: Jo Smeets and Annet Tillie
Video: Lars Konings

I. Andante - D minor ('Edward')

II. Andante - D major

III. Intermezzo. Allegro - B minor

IV. Andante con moto - B major

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